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My upcoming speaking engagements


A few days ago I had an interesting conversation on Twitter about my upcoming speaking

engagements. I really realized at this time that I have a lot of different SQL Server

conferences in my pipeline where I'm speaking over the next months. Here are the conferences

where you can meet me, and talk about SQL Server related topics.

  • September 12 - 14, London/United Kingdom:

    I'm doing my own "Advanced SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Workshop", which

    is aimed for the senior DBA/DEV with experienced know-how in SQL Server. You can find

    further information about the workshop at where

    you can also place your registration. If you are registering by the end of this month,

    you will get a discount of GBP 200!

  • September 23, Solid Quality Summit, Budapest/Hungary,

    I'm doing 3 sessions about SQL Server performance troubleshooting (what else?). I'm

    talking about Database Internals (yes, that's THE session from SQLbits 8 J),

    Troubleshooting TempDb Performance, and Advanced SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting


  • September 26 – 28, Vienna/Austria

    I'm doing again my own "Advanced SQL Server Performance Troubleshooting Workshop"

    in Vienna, which is again aimed for the senior DBA/DEV. I'm also able to give you

    a EUR 100 discount, if you register by the end of this month at

  • September 29, SQLdays, Rosenheim/Germany,

    SQLdays is a nice and niche SQL Server conference in South Germany (in Bavaria) where

    they have really good beer J. I'm again

    doing 3 performance troubleshooting sessions about "Maintaining VLDBs", "Troubleshooting

    TempDb", and "Advanced SQL Server 2008 Troubleshooting Techniques".

  • September 30 – October 1, SQLbits 9, Liverpool/United Kingdom,

    I've submitted several advanced sessions about troubleshooting SQL Server related

    performance problems. I don't know if I can speak, but I'm speaking regularly the

    last years, so if I get accepted, I will be of course there!

  • October 10 – 14, SQLPASS, Seattle/USA,

    That's the really great one! I'm speaking at the SQLPASS Community Summit regularly

    since 2006 (expect 2008 because of personal reasons), so this is now my 5th contribution

    to the best SQL Server conference on earth! I was one of the first European speakers

    that got a spotlight session in 2007! I'm again doing my famous session about "Advanced

    SQL Server Troubleshooting Techniques".

  • November 7 – 9, Zurich/Switzerland

    I'm doing my own "SQL Server Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting Workshop" in

    Zurich/Switzerland, which is aimed for professional DBAs/DEVs. This workshop is very

    new, because I've announced it yesterday evening J.

    You can find further information about the workshop at

  • November 10, TBD

    On November 10 I'm speaking on another SQL Server conference in Europe, but at this

    time I'm not allowed to tell you any more things about it… ;-(

As you can see from this list, there a lot of opportunities, where you can meet me

face-2-face and talk to me about SQL Server related topics. As you can also see I'm

doing a lot in the area of performance tuning and troubleshooting. If you need help

in these areas of SQL Server, don't hesitate to contact me.

The cool thing is that I'm doing my session about "Advanced SQL Server Troubleshooting

Techniques" several times within the next months, so you can expect here a really

awesome content. And trust me, this session will differ from everything you have seen

in the past, I'm trying to deliver that session in a really new way with some fun

for you!

See you soon & thanks for reading!



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