My Training Topics For Coming Months

Just few days gone since our last Chennai SQL Server User Group meet. This is the right time to choose my presentation topics for coming months.
Lots of internals related topics are queueing up. I have chosen below four topics as my priority as much learning and focus is required on this.

1. Transaction Log Internals

I have been reading lots of articles and blog posts on T-Logs for last few years. But still I feel more understanding is required on this.
Its like understanding wife. The deep you understand her, less head-ache in our day-to-day life. Miles to go 🙂

This month is dedicated only for T-Logs. Paul Randals blogs on T-Logs, MCM readiness Videos and SQL 2008 Internals book would be my source of learning.


I would like to learn this topic in detail and try my best to simplify in my style.
MCM Video, MSPress SQL SQL Server 2008 Internals book and  Wrox Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and troubleshooting book would be my
source of learning.

3. Powershell Basics

I am new to this topic, going to spend another couple of  months to learn and try DBA specific scripts. Will share my learning later in SSC blog posts.

4. My Favourites Of Paul Randal

This topic is an Ocean and Limitless (SQLSkills, TechNet Articles, Technet Q&A, Videos, MS Press Books, etc, etc.). To me, It would take years to read and understand the topics. Once I am done with above topics, I am going to focus on some topics of Pauls SQLSkills blog posts and choose my favourites.

And below link is a great source of learning.  If you haven't read this, do it now.

Cheers !!!