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My SQLbits sessions


Since today its official, I'm presenting 2 sessions at the SQLbits conference in Liverpool

( from September 30 –

October 1. Here are both of my session abstracts:

Advanced SQL Server 2008 Troubleshooting

It's Friday, 05:00pm. You are just receiving an email that informs you that your SQL

Server has enormous performance problems! What can you do? How can you identify the

problem and resolve it fast? Which tools provides you SQL Server for this task? In

this session you will see a lot of different tools with which you can do effective

SQL Server troubleshooting. You will learn how to identify performance bottlenecks

with those tools, and how to resolve the identified bottlenecks.

Understanding SQL Server Execution


Do you know SQL Server Execution Plans? Yes! - and can you read/analyze them? No...

For the beginner it is not very easy to understand and explain execution plans generated

by SQL Server for your queries. Therefore this session gives you a good overview and

understanding about SQL Server execution plans and how you can read them without reading

through complete books. In this session you will see the basic constructs of an execution

plan, and how SQL Server uses them to translate your SQL based query to an internal

format which is executed by the execution engine of SQL Server. After attending this

session you are able to understand and analyze execution plans generated by your queries,

and how you can tune them with the adoption of additional indices. Finally you will

also see which additional information about your queries an execution plan will expose

to you.

I'm looking forward to see you in one or both of my sessions J



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