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My SQLBits Session Recordings


Last month, I had the pleasure of presenting two of my favorite sessions at the SQLBits conference in Telford, UK.

A few days ago, all of the session recordings were uploaded to the SQLBits site.

In my first session, “Query Progress Tracking in SQL Server“, I talked about a painful problem in SQL Server: How can you know how much has your query already done and how long it will take for it to finish? I cover a few basic and advanced ways of doing it, including the Percent_Complete column, CXPacket waits, sys.dm_exec_query_profiles, and more. I will also present this session at SQL Server Days in Belgium soon, so if you’re going there, wait for the live presentation :)

Click here for the recording and scripts.

In my second session, “Things You Can Find in the Plan Cache“, I took a deep dive into the Plan Cache and talked about why it’s needed, why you need to know it, how it works, plan reuse, common problems, and how to leverage the Plan Cache in order to identify problematic queries in your system.

Click here for the recording and scripts.


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