My Session on Locking Internals Part 1 in CSSUG Meet

Bad weather won't stop hungry minds. Our today’s Chennai SQL Server User Group (CSSUG) meet happened with around 25 enthusiastic SQL Server devotees irrespective of bad weather in Chennai.

CSSUG meet started with my presentation on SQL Server Locking Internals Part 1.

Vidhyasagar gave session on ColumnStore Index and FileTable. Todays topic for Mathi is T-SQL 2012 New Features.

In today’s session, I have covered some pre-requisite topics such as ACID properties, Data Consistency Issues and locking basics.

Idea is to execute some basic & intermediate level DDL/DML operations and observe the behavior of locks. Once this is covered, I plan to focus more on Lock Manager.

You can download my presentation file here.

Eager to hear your comments about my slides. This will help me to correct my mistakes and improve in coming sessions.



1. Paul Randal
2. Book: Professional SQL Server 2008 Internals and Performance Tuning (Wrox Publishers)