My Favourites Of Paul Randal

As a new blogger, It is a little pain for me to blog on a technical topic.  

It starts from learning, exprimenting, being comfortable with topic, decide what to write and how to convey, make sure no or minimum technical inaccuracies,  preparing relavent demo scripts, formatting and so on.

But while going thru his blog post count, varity, depth and presentation style, I have no words.

Here is some of my favourite drops in an Ocean. Would like to explore and continue sharing my favourites whenever I find time.

Wait Statistics

Understanding Logging and Recovery


Database Corruption :

Conference corruption demo scripts and example corrupt databases

Myths around causing corruption

Misconceptions around database repair


Top Tips for Effective Database Maintenance


Inside the Storage Engine:

Anatomy of a page

Anatomy of a record

Anatomy of an extent

GAM, SGAM, PFS and other allocation maps

IAM pages, IAM chains, and allocation units


CHECKDB From Every Angle: Complete description of all CHECKDB stages

How to tell if the IO subsystem is causing corruptions?

Advanced performance troubleshooting: waits, latches, spinlocks

 Common SQL Server Myths (60 page collection)

Tech net Q & A

Suggestion by Paul Randal

SQL Server Best Practices Article