MVP Program


There is one thing that have been bothering me for quite some time. I thought I would blog about it.

(And make some enemies in the process :-))

The thing that bothers me is the working of the MVP

Program or the lack of it. I have noticed at least three people at SSC worth the

MVP status. One of them has the patience like I have never seen before when

trying to help a poster with a question(Lynn

Pettis). The other writes articles, helps posters and is also very active in the PASS organization(Jason Brimhall) and the third one has

the best technical blog I have ever read (Paul White from New Zealand). Anyone who reads blogs

would know immediately why I think he has the best technical blog. What more

should these people do to get the nod from the MVP program?

You all would say “If you think they are that good, nominate

them”. Oh Yes, been there, done that. I got their automated response that the

details have been forwarded to their respective zone. That was a very long time

ago. Still none of these three have heard anything from them.I know that for each area, there is a only limited number of MVPs, but I still think that these three deserve the MVP Status. It will motivate them to do better.

The only thing I can think about why at least one them hasn’t

got the nod could be because they were nominated by me. Who am I? I am not one

of those famous people in the SQL Server world. I am not an MVP. I am just a

nobody who thinks that these three people are worth the MVP status. Seems like

it has become “whom you know and not what you know” to become a MVP. If that is

the case, then the Microsoft MVP program is a big failure.