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Mobile Commerce and SQL Performance Tuning


I was reading through Gartners Top Predictions and one prediction captured my attention:

 “By 2014, over 3 billion of the world's adult population will be able to transact electronically via mobile or Internet technology”

 The reasons given are:

 1)   “6.5 billion mobile connections by 2014”

2)   “Global adult population to be 5.5 billion by 2014”

3)   “Everyone with internet access or a mobile phone can transact electronically”


  What does this mean for DBAs and SQL Performance Tuning?

 1)       More electronic transactions through mobile phones than the PC.  Applications will be redesigned for a thinner\faster client.

2)       More emphasis on database servers and universal caching , for data reads and commits.

3)       SQL Performance Tuning requirements will increase.  Why?

Regular DBA change requests for :

Users and security management

Data volume changes – company acquisitions and new products\markets

Transaction volume changes – multiple sales channels

Availability  (Disaster Recovery and High Availability) – 24 x7

Server consolidation model – OLTP and real time analysis

 A greater emphasis will be placed on  automating database server monitoring.  The typical monitoring model is :   online inspection > gathering statistics > query usage > resource consumption.

Automating the database tuning process is a goal of many systems managers. The  monitoring model presented , should be a standard for DBAs. Whether every tuning problem can be diagnosed and fixed automatically is another question.


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