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Missing some folks


In a community the size of SQL Server Central, it's natural for people

to come and go, especially with contributions to the forums. I still

remember the early days of the site, when Brian, Steve, and Andy moved

over from As I reflected on times gone by, I thought about

some folks I hadn't seen posts from in a while, or folks who I've seen

but a handful. These names that came immediately to mind:

Chris Kempster

James Travis (Antares686)

Frank Kalis

Wesley Brown

Robert Marda


Most of 'em have recent logins so they're still around. I've traded

emails with Chris recently letting him know I had grabbed him backup

& recovery eBooks from Quest. I had traded private messages with

Frank a couple of months ago so I know what he's up to. But the rest

have gone quiet. Wonder how all of 'em are doing. If you're on this

list and see it, drop me a line.


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