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Microsoft TechDays 2011 in Kosova, Prishtina


It's late but I need to say some words about our local tech event, it is the only one that we have and it's Microsoft TechDays Kosova 2011 & TechDays Albania 2011. In the last years it was TechUpdate ... I blogged about last TechUpdate 2010 here.

In Microsoft Tech Days 2011 has been held on 17 May 2011, I was there and presenting about "Introduction to the SQL Server 2011 Code-Named 'Denali' CTP1". Also there was first promotion of Albanian SQL Server Users Group where I'm the leader of the group, presenting about the group, the efforts to create the group, some plans for the future meetings, our vision, our activities etc etc. The Albanian SQL Server Users Group now it's open for all tech Albanians people >>

Tech Days 2011 covers more sessions about the Cloud, VS LightSwitch, Mobile, Web, Kinect  and my session about SQL Server 2011 'Denali' CTP1.

The Microsoft's special guesst & speaker was Karl Davies - Barret ...some shoots from the event:


From left > right: Celik Nimani, Betim Drenica, Karl Davis-Berret and Dukagjin Maloku


Dukagjin Maloku & Betim Drenica - TechDays 2011

I & my friends

With my friends ...

Preparing for presentation

Preparing for presentation ...

during the presentation

During the presentation ...together with my friend Betim Drenica.

Coffee time

Coffee time ...


Main Room ...


Second Room ...




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