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Microsoft Azure Data Services


Azure Data Services

Microsoft’s Azure data services provides you with a method to enhance your enterprise architecture and business intelligence options.  No longer are you limited to building more servers or adding SAN storage in your on-premise datacenter.   By leveraging the data services in Azure you can become elastic in your approach to existing implementations as well as speed up prototypes for solutions.  Currently there are 4 options available in the Azure data services area:

  • SQL Server Database
  • HDInsight
  • Cache
  • Storage

SQL Server Database

The SQL Server service allows you to spin up additional SQL Server databases when you need them.  There are three options available depending upon your need basic, standard and premium.  Each option is sized and scaled for a specific level of performance.


The HDInsight data service provides for a Hadoop service solution to the cloud.  If you are looking to get started in Big Data without a high cost of entry, then using HDInsight could be an excellent choice to get you started.  Data stored in HDInsight can be analyzed using Microsoft products such as PowerPivot and PowerView.


The cache service provide for in-memory solutions that you can leverage to build out highly scalable applications.  This service is the newest of the data services.


The storage service provides you with cloud storage, backup and recovery solutions.  This service allows you to extend your datacenter to the cloud by quickly creating data storage options.  There are three types of storage available: Block Blobs, Page Blobs and Disks, Tables and Queues.

Storage can be setup with three level of redundancy for you implementation:

  • Local redundant – replicates the data within a single region
  • Geographically redundant – replicates data between 2 regions
  • Read-Access Geographically redundant – replicated data is stored outside the local region

If you have not explored the Azure data services options.  Take some time to investigate further how this technology can enhance your enterprise architecture and technology roadmaps.


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