Meme 2 – A Quick Meme Monday Post…..

Robert Pearl, 2011-06-06

Well, ok.  I’ll jump on the bandwagon again.

Power has been restored to Mr. LaRock’s Residence, just in time for meme Monday. 

(And really, despite my ribbing of SQLRockstar I’m glad him and his family are safe and power is flowing after Tornadoes whirled through his surrounding area in MA last week…..and so, I can continue to jab him now and then, and completely prepared take as much as I give 🙂  Doesn’t matter, he never reads my blog anyway, answers my emails, or replies to my tweets (usually) 😛

Sounds a little silly but it’s been picking up some steam, I would have suggested cocka-meme monday, but all in all his goal is noble to keep us engaged in the Blogosphere of the SQL Server Community, and get us to write “something”, anything, but as long as we’re writing.  Check out the mother meme monday blog at

So, today’s Meme Monday theme for June 2011, is “dumb SQL questions”.  I’m sure many of you DBA’s have gotten a few of those at some time in your career. 

One of the dumbest SQL questions must be “How do you spell S-Q-L”?  Big D-U-H /:-{  And, don’t give me the spelling of a continuing saga of a previous movie story line (sequel)

But, that’s not the dumb question I got recently by those not so SQL-savvy.  At a client, whose name shall remain anonymous to protect the dumb and the dumber – plus they are indeed a government entity, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

It was when I came across Tom’s hypothetical questions on Twitter, about the “tempdb” that I decided to post my recent question.  He tweeted that “why do they call it tempdb if it never goes away”, and why not call it then “permanentdb”  It immediately provoked my unanswered twitter reply, “Hey, I can actually relate to that”, and figured I’d mention it in a meme monday post.  So, indeed, my dumb question of the day was when the somewhat technically inclined SAN storage guy, reevaluating and wanting to reclaim “unused” storage, suggested, no, actually placed on an item on his project plan, “Remove unused T: storage drive on the cluster”  WTF?!@*&+

Yes, I kid you not!!  He came to me and asked, since he thought it was a “courtesy” to let the person managing the SQL Cluster of this action, before it occurred.  “Can you make sure there’s nothing important on the T:drive and let me know if I can remove it”  Remove it?  “Yeah, since its a “temporary” file, we want to take back the space.

Well, I answered, “sure you can remove it, if you want the SQL Server cluster to come crashing down!!”.  I gently explained what the “tempdb” is for, and why it would be best to leave it as is 🙂

So, as Tom tweeted, why not call it “permanentdb”?  True dat.

Right Tom?  Oh, nevermind, he’s not reading this…. 😛





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