Make a Goal! Map it Out! And Go For It!


I can’t tell you that all of your dreams will come true. I won’t tell you that you will make it halfway there! However, I will go out on a limb and make this statement. If you don’t make a goal and make a conscious effort to do what it takes to reach that goal, you will never reach it!


Some of you might think to yourselves…What is this geek talking about? If you re-read what my statement I bold above and it is still unclear, you are probably having trouble reaching your true potential. Maybe it is because you simply don’t want to reach it? Maybe it is because you are afraid of what it will mean when you do? Sort of like a tri-athlete who has just completed the Kona Hawaii Ironman. He or she may be thinking, “what now”? And rightfully so! What can be more strenuous on the human body than swimming 2 ½ miles, riding 112 and running 26.2? As a song out there on the radio goes… “on to the next one” by Jay-z (although I don’t think that he is talking about goals). So, make another goal that stretches your abilities in a way that keeps you focused to what… or where you want to be in life. Just keep moving forward as they say on Meet the Robinsons and seek personal, spiritual or professional improvement.


So, with that being said, take a 10 minute break in complete silence and think about a goal that you want to reach first? Make it reasonable now! Sure it would be nice to set a goal to go out and win the lottery, but come on! Let’s make it achievable without a significant amount of luck shall we? J Making the goal is only the first step though.


Next you’ll need to think about the steps (or directions) of how you plan on getting there! For example, if you want to get the MCM certification, then you need to grab the study materials and get cracking!


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