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LivingForSQLServer celebrates 2nd year anniversary today

It's been 2 years since I wrote my first blog post on SQLServerCentral ("What happens when a query is submitted").

No need to say how nervous I was while posting my first blog on worlds largest SQL Server community.

Remembering that day I was checking user visits once in two minutes for the whole night.

What more a person needs when his first few articles are selected as featured articles and reaches more than 500,000 professionals.
I am blessed.
That was a great motivation for me.

and funny learning for me is, I was forced to learn what plagiarism is when I was 2 months old baby in blogger community.
What if your favourite god teaches that lession. Ya its Paul Randal. No matter whether god praise you or beat you. I am blessed for the second time.
Think he was not aware of the fact that I was his devotee and PRO even before that.

Just 40 blog posts and around 15 training (for Organization and User groups) so far with the name LivingForSQLServer.
Not a major achievement but I am happy that I am progressing slowly.

Answering atleast 1000 SSC forum queries and writing 100 blog posts on SSC was my target this year. Did nothing. Sorry for that.

Let me try my level best in year 2013.

Miles to go