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Living with DTS on SQL Server 2005 and 2008


The DTS support in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 is excellent (almost). Typically the packages and jobs do not need any modification in order to run on SQL Server 2005 or 2008. Unfortunately, I have read far too many news group posts that indicate a complete conversion to SSIS MUST take place during a SQL Server 2000 upgrade. It is not mandatory. I am not saying to avoid SSIS. The existing DTS packages can be reviewed for candidates to convert to SSIS during the upgrade. The old DTS packages could also be converted as time permits after the upgrade.

DTS Packages can be run and edited in SSMS as long as the Backwards Compatibility and DTS Designer components from the Sql Server 2005 Feature Pack have been installed. It is available for SQL Server 2005 SP2 here, SQL Server 2005 SP3 here and SQL Server 2008 SP1 here.

The two features that are missing from SSMS are the ability to create a new package from scratch and the detailed list of DTS packages which are available in Enterprise Manager. The lack of these two features in SSMS requires a copy of Enterprise Manager to be available and the continued use of Windows XP since Sql Server 2000 is not compatible with Vista and later versions of Windows.

In order to address these missing features, I have created a new utility and two custom reports for SSMS.

The utility is Create DTS Package. It will create an empty DTS package in a structure storage file or SQL Server.

Create DTS Package

Create DTS Package creates a blank DTS package and saves it in as a structured storage file or in a SQL Server.

Enter the name of the new package in the Package name text box.

If the package storage destination is a structured storage file, enter the full path in the File Name text box and click on the Save To File button.

If the package storage destination is a sql server, choose the authentication, enter the server name in the Server text box, provide the credentials and click on the Save To Sql Server button.

Create DTS Package is an HTA application.

Create DTS Package has eliminated the need for the Enterprise Manager installation in a SQL Server 2005/2008 environment that still needs to support DTS packages.

Create DTS Package will run on both 32(x86) and 64(x64) bit installations.

Create DTS Package could also be modified to add a standard group of objects for your organization to create a package template.

The source code for Create DTS Package is available for download here (right click the link and click Save Target As…\Save Link As..) or here for a listing of the source code (trying to save an hta is causing security violations for some people).

The Package Summary custom report recreates the Local Packages view from Enterprise Manager in SSMS.

In order to support mixed DTS/SSIS environments, the report shows both types of packages.

Since this custom report does not require any object inputs, it can be run from anywhere in the SSMS Object Explorer.

The SQL Server 2005 version is available here (right click the link and click Save Target As…\Save Link As..).

The SQL Server 2008 version is available here (right click the link and click Save Target As…\Save Link As..).

Update: If you are running 32-bit Windows 7, there is quite a bit more to do to get the environment set up correctly. See Jason Brimhall’s excellent post SQL 2008 DTS

Update: In order to get DTS working on 32-bit Windows XP with SQL Server 2008 R2, the above steps will need to be followed as well.


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