list of the service applications in SharePoint 2010


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Today I am here with the service application of SharePoint 2010. We all are aware with the concept of SSP in MOSS2007 where all the services like Search, Profiles, Audiences, and My Sites are bundled together and a SharePoint web applications consume these services with the SSP. But the days are gone……………

Now in SharePoint 2010 , things are changed we don’t need the whole SSP to be used only one service is required. In SP 2010 all the individual services can be known as their own service applications. Main thing is that all service don’t require a database to store content like excel services as this is just the services to display just-in-time content.and some services like search are intensive and it can have more than one storage database. 

Below you can find the list of services which require database and which are cross-farm compatible and make your life easy.

SharePoint Foundation Service Applications


SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Service Applications


SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Service Applications


Hope I was able to describe the content correctly based on my knowledge and learning.

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