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Linked Server created using a script is missing Product name and Data source fields !


Today I will discuss about an issue which was observed while creating a linked server via script.

The existing linked server was scripted out from a SQL2005 instance and the same script was used to create a linked server under a SQL2012(SP1/CU2) instance.

This a common procedure to follow if you are doing a side by side upgrade of SQLServer and ensure you have all objects in place under the new server.

After running the script the linked server was created successfully, however important details like Product name, Data source fields were found missing.

Here is the view which will explain the problem -

Linked Sever Issue Missing

The newly created linked server will work just fine, and users wont be facing any issues other than the missing details.

This looked like a bug to me right away and I opened a case with Microsoft.

Connect Item details -

This is not a critical bug which will impact anyone badly, so I have a strong feeling that Microsoft might set low priority for this item and a fix might come only during the next release.


This is not an issue which is major, however details like Product name, Data source available to view comes handy if you need to trouble shoot issues related to linked server.


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