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Let’s Meetup [Updated]!


I have a confession to make. I like to meet people who also work with SQL Server. There are so many different ways to use SQL Server. I love to hear how people are using it differently than me.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to connect with people and start a conversation at SQLSaturday’s, User Group Meetings and PASS events like SQL Rally coming up in Dallas in May. Once upon a time, I would attend similar training events and was so shy I didn’t connect with anyone. Why didn’t I connect with anyone? Mainly, because I was afraid. If this is you, you are not alone I was in the same place as you. In fact, let’s meetup at one of the events listed below.

NOTE: The following schedule has been updated on May, 17th 2012

SQL Saturday #107 (Houston, TX) on April 21st

I will be presenting my Evaluating your Daily Checklist with PBM and CMS presentation. I always look forward to SQL Saturday’s in Houston as this gives me the opportunity to visit my family and my #sqlfamily in the same trip. If your in Houston its not too late to sign up.

WVPASS (Wheeling, WV) May 24th

I will be presenting “DBA’s use RML Utilities to help get your next raise!” If your in Pittsburgh or Morgantown area make the drive out. Anyone, can still signup for this free event. Not only will you learn how to prove that your new indexes or application upgrade will improve performance but you will get free pizza. As a bonus, you will also get to meet some cool DBA’s in Wheeling, WV.

SQL Satuday #117 IN COLUMBUS, OH ON June 2nd

I am looking forward to my first SQL Saturday in Columbus, OH. I will be giving my Performance Tuning for Pirates presentation. Columbus is only a two hour drive and I hope to bring #babybeluga and the wife out with me. I think they would have a blast at the Columbus Zoo.

SQL Saturday #121 in Philadelphia, PA on June 9th

Do we really need to say more?  I cannot wait for SQL Saturday in the city of brotherly love.  The schedule hasn’t  has been posted and I will be giving my Performance Tuning for Pirates presentation. I look forward to learning, connecting and sharing.

Pittsburgh SQL Server User Group (Pittsburgh, PA) on June 26th

I will be presenting, “Performance Tuning for Pirates!” in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has a great SQL Server User Group and it’s always an honor to present for this group.

Performance Virtual Chapter – June 28th

I will be presenting, “Performance Tuning for Pirates!” Being that this is a virtual chapter I will not be presenting in person. This doesn’t mean that we cannot connect and chat.  We always have twitter so send me shout out before or after the session.


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