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Learning solid SQL Server and Business Intelligence skills through online training


I have just signed up for a one year standard subscription of Pluralsight Hardcore Developer Training. I’m focusing on SQL Server and Business Intelligence. My training goal is to improve my technical knowledge and gain new industrial skills to get myself ready for opportunities now and the future.

I actually have an access to the full Pluralsight library. The other two courses I am interested in are Powershell and SharePoint. I’ll tackle those two right after finishing the SQL Server and BI courses.

I should mention that this subscription, worth $300.00, is courtesy of the Friends of Redgate Program. Contact Redgate if you want to avail of the 1 year complimentary Pluralsight training.

Self-studying without the aide of a training program can be difficult. Lack of organization makes self-studying cumbersome.

My usual tools for studying are technical books (affiliate link), magazines, and blogs. Free videos from SQL pros are also in the mix. But you have to organize these materials in a certain way so you can get the right flow.

My greatest challenge in that setup is getting easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume of materials that I have to consume. Jumping from one topic to another in no logical order makes it harder to comprehend things.

This is where a solid online training does its magic. Just like any other types of training, online courses are organized and presented in very effective manner by focusing on a particular theme and delivering the content within reasonable amount of time.

Courses on Pluralsight are authored by authorities in their respective fields, so you’re quite sure you’re getting real value.

There are other legit SQL Server and Business Intelligence online training offerings out there: Linchpin People LLC, Brent Ozar PLF, SQL Skills, PragmaticWorks, and many others.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to the Pluralsight site to continue my training. I’ll share all the knowledge I gained in future posts. Stand by.

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