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I'm thinking of hosting a series of webinars on SQL Server security


With the PASS Summit sessions announced, I took a quick look to see how many were what I'd consider security-centric. I know that's open to opinion, but basically, I searched on these three keywords:

  • security
  • secure
  • compliance

I then looked at what came up. Of the accepted sessions, I only saw one session that I felt fit the bill. Other session may talk about SQL Server security, but that's not their main focus. Here's that one session, which looks good:

But it's the only one. In this era where we hear about data breaches, big data breaches every day, I'm rather floored. Considering my focus on security, this hurts. I want security talked about more. I want my information secured better. I don't want to have to watch out for years to see if someone tries to compromise my identity. Oh wait, I already have to watch out (and they were in compliance with the IRS, folks). I'm tired of there being so many faceless victims. So naturally I think we as data professionals should be more concerned about security than ever before.

With that said, here's the list of sessions that didn't make the cut, in no particular order:

That's a really good list from a variety of folks. We've got inside SQL Server, outside SQL Server, we've got patching, checking service accounts permissions, looking at the infrastructure around SQL Server, approproaching SQL Server security from an accidental DBA perspective, to how do deal with specific compliance standards - HIPAA and PCI.

If I can't seem them at a conference, I'd love to have the opportunity to see them through a webinar. So why can't we? We could run one every couple of weeks and have ourselves scheduled out through the end of the year. As a result, I'm leaning towards trying to reach out to these session submitters and see if we can do just that. If one or more of these is yours and you're interested, send me an email at brian {dot} kelley {at} linchpinpeople {dot} com.