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I’m starting my own SQL Server Consulting business!


Beginning with tomorrow I’m no longer working for HP Austria, because I’m starting

my own SQL Server Consulting business. I’ve been working with SQL Server for almost

10 years now, so now its time for me to give my learning's back to you through consulting.

From 2000 to 2005 I’ve used SQL Server completely as a black-box from .NET application,

not knowing how SQL Server works internally. I’ve used directly SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE,

and DELETE statements, and sometimes also O/R mapping tools, and thought that I’m

doing “good” things with SQL Server. But since 2005 I’ve learned more and more about

SQL Server, it’s architecture, it’s internal working, and how SQL Server can be used

in really large scale-out scenarios.

And if I’m applying this know-how to my database applications that I have written

from 2000 to 2005, it’s awesome to see how wrong I have used SQL Server in the past.

Therefore my main area of consulting is how to apply SQL Server’s architecture and

internals to .NET developers and how to write great, performing, and scale able SQL

Server applications based on the .NET framework, and how you can troubleshoot those

database applications in the production (e.g. as a DBA) if you have scary problems.

I’ve seen in the past, that we are using SQL Server wrong, when we are creating new

databases for our applications, or even when we are installing SQL Server with the

default settings without knowing how SQL Server will be used in our environment.

Starting with tomorrow I’m providing SQL Server Consulting services in the following

areas of SQL Server:

  • SQL Server Internals
  • SQL Server Performance/Index Tuning
  • SQL Server Troubleshooting
  • SQL Server Monitoring
  • SQL Server Service Broker
  • SQL Server Business Intelligence Stack
  • SQL Server StreamInsight
  • Performing SQL Server Health Checks

If you want to know more about my SQL Server services offerings, don’t hesitate to

contact me directly.



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