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I hate Windows 8 and Microsoft Top 3 Mistakes


What do you think about Microsoft new Operating System? I hate Windows 8! This is the answer that many people will give. Which is not really surprising as Microsoft made a few basic mistakes in advertising Windows 8 (In my opinion).

I will list mistakes Microsoft made... (I'm not criticizing Microsoft but just try to give Microsoft some hints to do it better next time 😉

By the way.... I like Windows 8 but it took a while and in the video at the bottom I show how I use it and why it makes my life a little bit easier.

Mistake No. 1 - Metro Style

People think Metro style is for tablets and touch screen devices ONLY! Microsoft made a horrible mistake of ignoring existing customers and advertising the operating system as a novelty only and not "New but the same". If Microsoft told you that you still get "standard" desktop and Metro has improved searched for standard PCs... Would you change your attitude a little bit? Would you be willing to listen a little bit more about it before you hate it forever?

Mistake No. 2 - No Start Button

So Yes we can switch to "standard" desktop and work in almost the same way as before...Nothing really changed apart from NO Start Button which was a big mistake. Microsoft made a decision to remove and replace it with Metro Style which I agree with (after several months of using it) but Microsoft forced existing loyal customers to change... and no one likes to change without a good reason and if you do not present the reasons and force people to change than there are going to hate you (Which is also why companies fail to change... but never mind about this). So what Microsoft could do about it? Just show that you can do it in a more efficient way and compare it to the old way... As a BI Consultant (Specializing in Microsoft technologies only) I have a reason why I do Proof of Concepts and Demos before I force show a better way to do it, so I think too much focus was put on sale and too little on "word of mouth marketing"

Mistake No. 3 - Always Running

Have you used Windows 8 on a PC or Laptop? How long did it take to figure out how to switch if off? It took me about 20 minutes to try to find it and 5 minutes to do Google search and find out how to do it.... Without Google I'm not sure if I would ever be able to find it! I think Microsoft has completely ignored their own accessibility standards. I do not often say it... but in this case it is justified so I'm going to say it.... Microsoft, it was a silly idea to put "Shut down" button where no one can find it!... I'm not a fan of Microsoft but Microsoft is my No. 1 Choice for software so Microsoft if you are reading it I hope you will understand what I am trying to say in a polite way... and I hope you will make an update very soon!

So just to recap. If Microsoft provided some kind of "training" in their adverts then I believe the hatred score would be much lower. Below is video that shows how I use Windows 8 and why I do not have any regrets of switching to Windows 8 (plus I now have Hyper-V).

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