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How to pass Microsoft Certification Exams


Many times I was asked how to pass Microsoft certifications and how difficult it is. In my point of view, it simple to crack Microsoft certification exams if you have worked hard on basic concepts and implemented most of the questions and scenarios mention in your study books/blogs on your system.

1) Take out the list of all the topics which are the part of your certification exams. You can take this from the Microsoft certification site.

2) Buy a study book specific for Microsoft exam preparation. This book will help you in tracking of topics which you have covered and which is remaining. Also these books contains practice sessions which help in passing the examination.
In my case, I bought the book recommended by the Microsoft and its practices examples help me a lot in passing the Microsoft certification

3)Prepare hard for each topic. Make sure you have a very good conceptual understanding of most of the topics covered in the exam. There are lots of blogs/forums where one can find good knowledge about these topics individually. 

4) Try to implements maximum practices questions and scenarios found in the study book and blogs in your system. More you practice these question easier it become to pass the examinations

6) Purchase Microsoft exam voucher and fixed the date at which you are comfortable. Sometimes Microsoft exam comes with offer where one retake is free. So if you failed in first attempt you can retry once more free of cost. I also benefited by this offer.

7) Be calm at the examination and read the questions carefully. Sometimes you can get the hints of possible answers from reading the question itself.

8) Even if you didn't get the passing score don't be disheartened. Few people passed the exam in their first attempt. Most of the people takes around 2 -3 attempts for passing the certification exams.

Please don't go for dump or question bank offered by many sites as you may pass the exam but you never get the knowledge and the basic purpose of getting the certification get defeated. There is no short cut to success.When you pass any certification, expectation become high from you and without knowledge, it start hurting your changes of getting good job by using your certification.

Even if you not able to pass the exam in first attempt, the knowledge you get while preparing for your exam will put you ahead from the other people.

One can also read about the benefits of Microsoft examination from this site.

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