Hi, my name is SA


Hi! I’m SA! I’ll be your mentor during your stay at Innitrode!  Actually, I’m everyone’s mentor here…anytime someone needs some information, I’m right there for them. I’m just that kind of guy, and I’ve been around, like, forever.

Let me show you around. Over here we have some tables…the Marko team has been using these to build their project data for sixteen months now, but since you’re with me, you can do anything you want with them. Don’t worry if you trip and spill your coffee all over…you’re authorized!

This door leads to the business center, where we keep the most important files and sensitive customer data.  If we lost this data, we’d lose millions over the first week. We might never recover, actually! The disaster recovery around here isn’t exactly top-notch, if you get what I’m saying.   The door’s always locked, but I have the key. Wanna go in? We could poke around a bit, maybe change someone’s SSN for fun, or “acidentally” shred a few dozen records! No? Well, let me know if you change your mind later.

Oh, excuse me for a minute. Hey Bob, are we still hanging out this afternoon? Smoke break in the data warehouse, 2:00, right? Cool man, see you there!

Sorry about that. Oh! Let me show you the building security center! It’s supposedly just for the guards and muckety-mucks, but they’ve never made one bit of noise about me bringing anyone I want in there.  It’s neat….you can add new employees, grant them access all over, even “delete” parts of the building so no one can get in! Except me, of course. I’m SA!

Oh hey, it’s time for lunch! Let me make a few copies of my passkey and leave them in the lobby and on my desk. Somebody might need something while I’m away.


Moral: The SA is open, honest, giving, and generous…with your database.  Don’t make SA available to your people!

-Jen McCown