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Goals For 2010


Like a lemming in the DBA community, I too am going to post my 2010 goals.  I am looking to create goals that are measurable.

1.  Start a BLOG (that was a goal at the start of the year, and I jumped right on it).

I wanted to realistically try to do something to Build my own brand, and help give back a little bit to the community.  It is a new challenge worthy of doing.  It’s like a journal published for the entire world to see.  Doing this will also help me figure out how to accomplish Goal 6.

2.  Implement a BI solution.

This is one that I have started and have shelved as things have become more busy.  I really want a full blown solution that involves SSRS, SSIS and SSAS.  I have done SSIS.  I have started learning a little SSRS and have supported it a little.  SSAS will be something entirely new to me.  However, it will be useful as a part of projects to reduce cost and better utilize resources that are currently allocated to Cognos.

3.  1 Technical Blog Post / week.

This may seem extremely light as far as a blogging goal goes.  I intend on having more blog posts than that.  However, the total will be from multiple categories and not just from a technical aspect.  By allowing myself 1 post per week, I give myself time to research and organize the post into something that will be of value down the road to me, and to some of those that may read this blog.

4.  Attend PASS 2010 Summit

I have attended PASS in the past, and really enjoyed it.  I felt like I really missed out on something this last year.  I would prefer not to miss out on another one.  There are plenty of people in the community I would like to meet.  I would also like to attend the seminars and learn something.

5.  Present once a quarter (or 4 times this year).

These presentations will most likely all be at my local PASS chapter.  I will be presenting this month, after having presented for the first time last month.  Giving a presentation is a good experience, and I learn quite a bit from doing that.  The difficult thing in presenting is coming up with something of value.

6.  Write 2 Articles

This will be the most difficult Goal as I see them at this point.  Writing a good article takes a lot of creativity.  Not only does it take creativity, a time commitment is required.  Then there is the review process – that is a little daunting.  As stated above, I think the BLOG will help with all of that.  Personally, presenting is easier than writing an article.

7. Run 2 Marathons

Being a marathoner used to running 4 or 5 a year, this is a low-end goal – if not for my recent injuries and surgery.  I will get back into Marathon shape and shed the weight gained from not running as much.  This is really the base goal for a much grander goal of qualifying for Boston some day.

I have other goals which I feel are not well suited to measuring in the same manner.  I would like to maintain community activity.  And then there are the other relationship type goals that just can’t be measured.  For all of those goals, we will keep them out of this list.


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