Foundation Class Review


This week was an exciting teaching week for me.  I taught the Pragmatic Works Foundation class, one of my favorite and most rewarding classes to teach. 


This class is designed to help individuals who have a passion for technology but do not have means to pay for training.  We spend a week teaching basic TSQL and also some Reporting Services to give them a skill to make it easier to market each person for potential jobs.


In this week’s class we had a wide variety of people with all completely different life experiences.  Each person was required to blog daily about what they learned so read about their class experience below. 


William Morales

Tim Murphy

Sherri McDonald

Michelle Cao

Ashley Knight

Paul Stupiak


We’ve encouraged each student to continue blogging and I encourage you to follow them to see what they learn and assist them whenever possible.  One great thing about people that are new to technology is they always have a different way of explaining things that may be very helpful to others.