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Few thoughts and updates

Few of my regular readers may have noticed I am not actively blogging @ SSC at frequent interval.

There is a reason behind this.

Update 1:

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was quite active in my facebook page for the past few months in

sharing resources, attending queires on couple of active groups and sharing my User group activities.

During this phase I started realizing the limitations of running a facebook page for community activities.

I leared that Facebook group has the flexiblity to effectively collaborate with community members and make newbies be part of it.

As there is no option to migrate from fb page to group, I create a facebook group named "Living For SQL Server"  (link below) couple of days back.!/groups/livingforsqlserver/

This fb group started serving its purpose now. Invite you to be part of this group. I am sure you would find this useful.

Its an open group with no restrictions. SQL Server professional could use this group to raise questions, share their articles/blog posts, UG event schedules, updates etc. Only consideration is, the contribution should be related to "SQL Server".

Targetting 2,000 members by end of this year. Let us see how it grows. belive social networks will help
bloggers/community leads (like me) to reach wider audience faster.


Update 2:

my newly registered website ( has been inactive for last 3 months (has couple of articles & funny images now).

Planning to copy some of my important SSC blog posts to my website in couple of days. Need to work with SSC admin to link this website with my SSC blog once its done.


My 2 years of experience in attracting (a very big crowd of) SQL Server professionals part of my page/group is not fruitful.

Now I realize, funny images and interview questions attracts people quicker than invaluable learning resources.

Thanks to @DBAReactions. Coming up with funny stuff  is not new to me. Remembering the days where I used to write 

funny comments (with a message) on cinima advertisements for my students 12 years ago.

Now I started passing the message in the form of funny images and interview questions (Check my facebook group and let me know your feedback)

this idea works well. Need to slow this down once the members start participating actively.


My sleepless nights continues. Couldn't spend quality time for MCM preparation for past few months.

Believe things will be aligned in a month time.

Logging off now. Have a nice week end.


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