Few thoughts

I would like to share few thoughts/updates with our SQL Server community.

1. While checking my SSC blog posts, i realised that my 40+ blog posts has attracted 30,000+ user visits in last 2 years.
Think this is the good time to have a website for LivingForSQLServer.
I 've just registered website named livingforsqlserver.com, will start copying my SSC work to my website in coming weeks.

SSC is my motherland, will continue share my learning here. need to understand how to link my website with SSC blog first.

2. My facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/#!/LivingForSqlServer) is just a 3 months old baby now. Attracted around 130 SQL Server
professionals so far. Conciously building SQL Server resource library (excuse my personal updates here and there).  I have a strong believe that one day you will come to my facebook page for sure (*content is the king*).

3. These days, I 've been spending much time learning hardware and memory internals (Inserted Mark Russinovich & David Solomon in my tGodFather table. Paul Randal always be the first record). Constantly sharing the links in my facebook page.

This is the reason why I could not blog on SSC frequently. let me see how it goes.

4. I gave session on SQL Server 2008 Performance troubleshooting (part 1) for Chennai SQL Server User Group on 19-Jan.
I covered a lot about process explorer and memory internals. Especially, I gave a huge dirty load to SQL Server and showed working set trimming
in process explorer. guess audience liked that. planning to cover performance tuning (part 2) in Feb'2013 UG meet.

You can download part 1 ppt here:

have a nice day!!!