Error while enabling NetFx3 feature || Alternate source path error

, 2014-10-01

Hello Friends,

Life Is a struggle with Lot of If and buts. It’s being a many month I was out of touch with my blogging hunger. But there were lot of question which I was getting from time to time on my mails/blogs , which I will try to answer in couple of days or weeks.


Few weeks back, there was some one asking about an specific error “Error while enabling Windows feature : NetFx3 “. I have seen the error earlier also but this time I was interested to find it cause. So, while working it seems that this error occurs with other name also. Some are:


  1. Error installing Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5==>  While installing .NET 3.5 features or it needed as prerequisite.installing .NET 3.5 
  2. Specify Alternate source Path? One or more installation selection are missing source path==>While Installing Active Directory Domain services.Active Directory Domain services
  3. Error while enabling Windows feature : NetFx3==> Error while installing Sql.Sql server 2012


So, What is this error and why the demon is coming with different names in diff ways.

Problem came out is: It turns out that Windows Server 2012 does not include NetFx3 when it is installing.  It doesn’t mean that it is gone, but it does have to be installed separately.  So here we go, It is coming on 2012 window server as we all are fond to learn new thing on new version.


What we have to do to resolve the issue. There are 2 ways to resolve the same:

  1. By using the GUI . All of us favorite way.
  2. Or the Command prompt


  • Insert the window 2012 CD or if using Virtual way(VMware/Hyper-v) attach the ISO file. Check the drive letter it assign . D: in this caseIso file


  1. Go to Server Manager==> Manage==> Add roles and feature.
  2. Select .NET framework 3.5 features
  3. Click next. You need to enter Alternate source pathActive Directory Domain services 
  4. It was D drive in our case. Click specify alternate source path and type: D:\Sources\SxS . It is the place where the bits are present and which doesn’t install while installing window 2012source path 
  5. Click ok and install. Your error will not occur


  • If you want to go with cmd prompt and type: dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:netfx3 /all /source:d:\sources\sxscommand prompt

If any of the 2 process are done your issue will be resolved.


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