Dipping into the Cookie Jar: T-SQL Tuesday #112

, 2019-03-12

T-SQL TuesdayThis month our intrepid host for T-SQL Tuesday is Shane O’Neill (b/t). He’s asked us to talk about our cookies. No not the kind you eat (Double Stuff Oreos and Thin Mints are the best of course) or even the kind that web sites use to store information. No, in this case, he is talking about things that you think about when you are down, tired, at your wit’s end. So here are some of mine. In no particular order, because to be honest it rather depends on why I need the cookie as to which one I think of.

  • My wife.
  • My kids
    • Their birth.
    • Any number of scholastic accomplishments.
    • Various plays they have been in.
    • Sometimes just a picture of them helps.
  • sp_DBPermissions and sp_SrvPermissions
  • My blog in general.
  • Various blogging accomplishments (>650 posts, ~1.75 million views, blogging consistently for over 6.5 years now)
  • My favorite post: Who’s on call.
  • Incidents like this:
  • Walking through Summit and my name being called every few minutes.
  • Speaking(!) at Summit.
  • Did I mention my wife?
  • My friends Robert Davis (b/t) and Tom Roush (b/b/t) that passed away last year.
  • Tom’s post: The Red Converse High Tops
  • The time another friend of mine texted his wife “Boy, this guy’s a good speaker” (paraphrased).
  • My job. Any number of times that I’ve been called in to troubleshoot and managed to solve the problem.


You’ll notice that some of these are people in my life or things other people have done. I think that’s fine. They still bring me up. And to be fair, I have to use cookies quite frequently. Combine a long standing inferiority complex and the fact that Dunning Kruger and I do not get along makes life .. interesting.





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