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Data Science & Workshop - NYC


So, the new industry buzz word is Data Science. Are you a Data Scientist?  Do you remember taking that in college? Maybe have a DS (Data Science) Degree? Did you cringe at chemistry? Bomb physics? Snore at geology? Well now you too may already be a "DATA SCIENTIST.  Sounds really cool: "Hey Bob, what do you do for a living?"  "Why, I'm a data scientist"  Can you see yourself with the white lab coat?  OK, well, as you figured, it may be the next big trend, but it isn't exactly science. It's not even Weird Science 🙂  Some articles sited, say a data scientist is just somone who works with Big Data and business intelligence. It is a rebranding of an already existing skill set that is in high-demand today.

So, if you're a BI guy, you might want to call yourself a data scientist, as it sounds impressive, and if you match the skill with the buzz word - YOU'RE HIRED.  Editor-at-large of, and SQL MVP Steve Jones, weighs in on this new data trend, asking the question "Are you a Data Scientist?" Steve further elaborates on his follow-up editorial "Data Scientists"- what exactly is one. Seems that Big Data, BI, combined with knowledge of Analytics or just being able to analyze data and present it in a visual way.

The well respected Dr. Rimma Nehme, currently Technical Adviser, Data Group at Microsoft, tweeted #DataScience for Beginners: Fantastic Introductory Video Series from Microsoft #MachineLearning … via @kdnuggets- for folks interested in learning more about data science. So if you really really want to be a Data Scientist, and are a SQL Server data or BI professional, here is a great article from SQLShack that collectively talks about the new data tools, in SQL Server 2016, and informs us of the 10 Things You Need to Know to Become a Data Scientist. On the professional development track, the SQLShack says that "Microsoft estimates that there are in the region of 1.5 million jobs available for Data Scientists". 

Pragmatic Works, a consulting house out of Florida describing themselves as a team of dedicated and passionate SQL Server and BI professionals on a mission to help developers and DBAs operate more efficiently through our innovative products, solutions and training for data platforms, is offering a workshop on this very topic - DATA SCIENCE!  On September 1, 2016, in my neck of the woods, they are offering their timely training Data Science Workshop at Microsoft's NYC Metro HQ - 11 Times Square, for a very reasonable rate. This is a one-day workshop that, if you're in the area, should not miss! The goals of this wonderful workshop are:

  • Learning how data science and machine learning assist organizations to increase profits, reduce costs and identify significant opportunities.
  • Gain insight to the methodologies used in the data science process and how to successfully harness machine learning to convert data into actionable business insight.
  • For full details, course overview, agenda and to REGISTER, goto  Please search their training section of their site for other venues near you.
  • So what are you waiting for?  If you love data, and you always wanted to be a scientist, now's your chance! Well, unscientifically speaking of course.
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