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Correctness and stress test


Stress test SQL Server for new hardware

 Download SQLIOSim    from    and install on server.

When detailing the  file location , use the same as the SQL Server files. SQLIOSim will attempt to simulate the SQL Server database  IO path.

The emphasis is to hammer the system but stay under the threshold.  SQLIOSim has the capacity to throttle the outstanding operations.  It decreases the load and IO completion time is standardised

 Running Average IO duration –

Response time under stress

Date files < 5 ms is optimal

Log file – 0-2 is optimal

Total IO time – if the If the values for the Accumulators are similar for two drives, but one drive has significantly less Total IO Time, then the latter performs much  because it was able to service the same I/O in less time.


Number of times IO throttled – lower the better

For performance testing check Disk IO performance and SQLIO


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