Connecting a service between Publishing and Consuming SharePoint 2010 farm


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As discussed in my previous blog the new architecture of Service Application in 2010. Let’s today discuss about connecting two different farms: 

Connecting a service between Publishing and Consuming SharePoint farm

 There are some service applications which have the capability to Publish and which can be used by different SharePoint farms. What that actually means:

We all know Search and crawl is the most intensive task in SharePoint. If a company has 2-3 SharePoint farms and every farms runs its own search/index application. It will be very intensive and time consuming task. Instead of running index in every SharePoint Farm:

We can just do the index in one farm and use that publishing service in different farm. It will save lot of resources and will be very less intensive task.

So what to do next:

As we have other farm where some services are hosted locally as that cannot be published or consumed. So they reside in the same farm and we can consume the search application from the other farm. Below are the steps how to consume the publishing service from other farm:

 Note: To publish or consume the service applications, two farms should be in a far trust.

Once the farm-trust is configured, below are the steps:

Publishing a Service Application

a) Go to a publishing server whose service you want to publish and be used in other farms, open Central Administration.

b) Go to Application Management and then move to è Manage service applications.

c) Click to the right of the service application which you want to publish, clicking on application will open it features be sure to click on its right.

d) On the SharePoint Ribbon, click on Publish. Feature.

e) On the next page check the option “Publish this Service Application to other farms” .

f) Now we have to copy the whole url: It will begin with urn: and ends with .svc.

ex: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:sharepoint:service:ac51d6g73agg




g) Make it ok and proceed.

h) Again do the same step as step C.

i) On the SharePoint Ribbon, click on Publish. Feature.

j) Provide farm Id of the consuming farm, you can find as:   Get-SPFarm | Select Id

k) Add the same.

l) Click the farm id you entered, for the permission.

Now the part of publishing farm is over, we have to enter the url in the consuming farm to use the service:

a) Go to a Consuming server where publishing service needs to be used, open Central Administration.

b) Go to Application Management and then move to manage service applications.

c) On the SharePoint Ribbon, click on Connect.

d) Pass the URL for the service application you have taken in step (f) of publishing server and press OK.

e) Highlight the service application by clicking on it.

f) Here you have an option to can choose, whether or not to include this service application in the default service application group. Click OK once done.

Now when all the stuff is over you can use the service application of a farm just as a locally hosted service application of your farm.

Hope I was able to describe the content correctly based on my knowledge and learning.

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