Configure MOSS without GUI || Database name without additional GUID || PSCONFIG command to configure MOSS


Friends, do every time we need the GUI ? or we feel the need of Customized things some times in life.

Given this thought in my mind and feel to discuss how to Configure MOSS with command line, Database name with our requirement not with additional unwanted GUID  attached with it. So after installing MOSS we would not use GUI to configure it, Instead use PSCONFIG command and give name and parameter as per our desire.

PSCONFIG command to configure MOSS:

Goto “c:\programfiles\commonfiles\microsoftshared\webserver extension\12\bin”

1. Create farm configuration:

Psconfig –cmd configdb –create –server (Sql server name) –database (database-name) –user (domain\username) –password XXXXXXX –admincontentdatabase (Sharepoint_AdminContent or as per your required name)

2. Ensure SharePoint has access to folders and registry:

Psconfig –cmd secureresources

3. Create Central Admin

Psconfig –cmd adminvs –provision –port (port no) –windowsauthprovider onlyusentlm

4. install SharePoint services

Psconfig –cmd services –install

5. install SharePoint features

Psconfig –cmd installfeatures

6. Launch browser to access Central Admin.

stsadm -o installfeature -name PublishingTimerJobs


-server: Sql server name on which you want to create config database.

-database: sharepoint configuration database name you want to give.

-admincontentdatabase: SharePoint admin content database name

Now SharePoint has been configured in the same way as with GUI mode, but this time you have database free from unwanted GUID all things configured as per your requirement.

Hope I was able to describe the content correctly based on my knowledge and learning.

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