ColoradoSQL in September

Marc Beacom, 2011-09-14


All ColoradoSQL user group meetings start at 5:30 p.m. and provide food and refreshments. There is no cost to attend so bring a co-worker…or two. These events provide for great learning opportunities as well as networking with other local SQL Server professionals.



Third Tuesday (September 20)

Level 3 Communications

Room 4LA-07

1025 Eldorado Blvd

Broomfield, CO 80021


Title: SQL Server on VMware?

Presenter: Janis Griffin ( twitter ) of Confio

More and more companies are virtualizing with VMWare, and databases are the next logical step. This presentation will explore the fundamentals of monitoring databases running in a VMWare environment because it can be much different than when running on a physical machine. You will learn business and technical benefits of virtualization, master new terms and concepts, pick up useful planning tips and tricks, and cover best practices for maintaining optimum performance in a VMWare environment.


Janis Griffin has over 25 years of DBA experience including design, development and implementation of many critical database applications. Before coming to Confio Software, Janis held may DBA positions working with both real-time routing databases and OLTP business to business applications. As a Principal Architect and Senior Manager, Janis has mentored many other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.



Third Wednesday (September 21)

Mr. Biggs

5825 Mark Dabling Boulevard

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Presentation 1:

Title: 10 Things I wish I Knew Then

Presenter: Chris Shaw ( blog | twitter )

Have you ever looked back at your life or decisions you have made and said…. I wish I would have known that 10 years ago. In this short but quick session I will share with you the 10 things I wish I had known then, that I know now.


Chris Shaw started his database career while in the Marine Corps working with Lotus Ami Pro databases somewhere in 1993. From there he went on to companies such as Wells Fargo, Pulte Mortgage and Yellow Pages Inc., and later consulted with insurance companies including Anthem Blue Shield. Chris has enjoyed writing and speaking about SQL Server over the last 10 years at events such as SQL Connections, Pass and SSWUG Ultimate conferences. Chris received the Microsoft MVP award.


Presentation 2:

Title: Detecting and Correcting Database Design Anomalies

Presenter: Troy Ketsdever ( blog | twitter )

It’s nice when, as database developers, we have a clean slate to work with. Most of the time, however, we inherit and must support existing designs and implementations (or, perhaps even worse – revisit a design we deployed long ago before we “knew the ropes”). To add to the challenge, more often than not documentation of the database doesn’t exist or is out-of-date with respect to the production system.In this session, we’ll look at some tools, techniques, and scripts that will accelerate your understanding of that beast you’re now in charge of supporting and extending, with a focus on identifying and correcting design and implementation anomalies.


Troy Ketsdever is a data architect with over 15 years of commercial software development experience, and has maintained a love/hate relationship with SQL Server since version 4.2. In addition to his “day job”, Troy enjoys writing articles and presenting at user groups on a variety of database design and implementation topics.His main objective and vision is “making the right information available to the right people at the right time”.

When not attempting to wrangle logical conundrums (aka, constraint-less dbs), he enjoys empirical testing via field trials of various aspects of fluid dynamics, particularly with respect to gravitational interactions on deformable dynamic structures in gaseous mediums.



Third Thursday (September 15)

Microsoft DTC Office

7579 Technology Way, Suite 400

Denver, CO 80237


Title: See the Future with Visual Predictive Analytics

Presenter: Carlos Bossy ( blog | twitter )

Expand the value of your Business Intelligence infrastructure by delivering powerful forecasts and predictions using SQL Server Reporting Services visual capabilities. Using proven predictive models that forecast future buying patterns, foster care placement success, or customer income and net worth, you will see how to create appealing charts, graphs and maps that allow business users to include predictive analytics in their decision making process. In this session, Carlos Bossy will show you how to combine the visual features of SQL Server Reporting Services with the power of Data Mining and Analysis Services to take your organization’s BI competency to the next level.


Carlos Bossy is a MCTS SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Developer and Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP) with 25 years of experience in software and database development. Carlos is a consultant for his own company and focuses on developing Business Intelligence solutions including data warehouses, predictive analytics, data integration and reporting. He has been working with SQL Server for 10 years and is very enthusiastic about its powerful features, and enjoys speaking at events such as SQL Saturday conferences, local users groups and IASA. He has developed data warehouses and business intelligence solutions for several industries and state agencies, including solar energy, manufacturing, education and social services.

Marc Beacom  





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