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Azure SQL Server Database


SQL Server in Azure

You can create and leverage cloud based SQL Server instances using Microsoft Azure.  However, if you have never used the Azure portal it can be a bit challenging to get started.  This post will show you how the steps required to create an Azure SQL Server database.

If you have an MSDN account you should have credits that you can leverage to try out the different Azure services.

Start by logging into the Azure portal –

Azure Portal Homepage

Next click on the + NEW icon on the bottom left of the page to create a new SQL Server Database and Server.  A screenshot of the available services is show below.

Azure New Options

Select SQL Database to bring up the screen to select the input values.  In this example I am creating a blank database named Blog_Sample on a new Server.

Azure SQL DB Name

After naming the database you can select either to put it on an existing server or create a new one.  I am creating a new Basic Tier server as seen here limited to 2GB of storage.


After selecting the database tier, I will select the server to place the database on.

Azure SQL Create New Server

Then select your resource group.  Again this can be new or you can leverage an existing data storage resource group.  I am using an existing group.

Azure SQL Storage group

Now you can create the database by clicking the create button.  It will take a few minutes for Azure to provision the server, storage and database.  You can monitor the status by looking at the notification status bar on the Azure Portal.

Azure notification messages

Before you can leverage the database there are a few setting you need to configure.  This will be my next post on using SQL Server on Azure.


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