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AlwaysOn Dashboard uses System Policies


The AlwaysOn Dashboard is an excellent tool in SQL Server Management Studio that allows you to monitor Replica status, Availability Group status, and Database status.

But, if you are wondering what the Dashboard uses internally to monitor the AlwaysOn health, so here is the answer – It utilizes system policies for monitoring AlwaysOn health.

Policy Management

If you drill into Policy Management> Policies> SystemPolicies, you will see 14 AlwaysOn Health Policies used by the Dashboard.

  • AlwaysOnAgAutomaticFailoverHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnAgOnlineStateHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnAgReplicasConnectionHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnAgReplicasDataSynchronizationHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnAgReplicasRoleHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnAgSynchronousReplicasDataSynchronizationHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnAgWSFClusterHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnArConnectionHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnArDataSynchronizationHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnArJoinStateHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnArRoleHealthPolicy
  • AlwaysOnDbrDataSynchronizationState
  • AlwaysOnDbrJoinStatePolicy
  • AlwaysOnDbrSuspendStatePolicy

View the policy definition by right-clicking and select Evaluate, under Target Details, click the View link to view the policy definition.

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