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Alternating Group Colors


Formatting reports can be a fun process. I personally look at myself as a Monet or Picasso when creating my reports. I start off with a blank canvas (report), get my materials to paint with (data for my report) and then I get to paint my masterpiece (report). Or at least that’s my goal when creating reports! J At any rate, we have all seen examples on how one could alternate row color of a tabular style report, but not too often does one come across an example where one could alternate the colors of entire groups of records. As such, I have provided a quick snippet you can use to tweak a report to have alternating group colors.

=IIF(RunningValue(Fields!Category.Value,COUNTDISTINCT,NOTHING) MOD 2 = 0,"PaleGreen","White")

As shown in figure 1 below, select the row you want to apply the alternating colors expression on (shown by the RED SQUARE). Then open the properties for your selection. Navigate to the Fill – Background Color property (shown by the YELLOW HIGHLIGHT) and enter the expression shown above.

Figure 1: Sample

Example Design

Using the AdventureWorks database as my source and the above sample, you will have similar results as I have below.

Figure 2: Alternating Group Color Results (Zoomed Out)


For your convenience, I have included a zip file containing this example project. You can download it HERE.

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