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A Tale of Two SQL Server Webcasts


keep-calm-and-stop-look-and-listen-8Things have been quiet on my blog of late (hosting issue) but now things are back online. Talking of online, on 20th March 2014 I shall be taking part in not one but two SQL Server webcasts – Dell like to keep me busy.

In the morning (10:00 GMT) I shall be hosting a session where I shall be joined by Matan Yungman (B|T) who is presenting a session called “Small Changes Can Make a World of Difference”. The abstract for this can be found below:

As DBAs, we all know about the big new features, like AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Columnstore Indexes and In-Memory OLTP (“Hekaton”). But there are other “small” hidden features you may have not heard of that are easier to implement and can make your lives a lot easier. In this presentation, we will go over some of the cool “small” features that were introduced in SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. Using demos and real-life examples, we will see how they can help us. Among others, we will cover:

• Changes in the storage world and how you can leverage them

• Buffer Pool Extension to SSD drives

• IO throttling using Resource Governor

• Parallelism improvements

• The new Cardinality Estimator

• Partition Switch and Online Index Operations improvements

• Online Schema Changes

• Features that can boost your productivity when working with SSMS

In addition, we will talk about two paradigm shifting presentations that can change the way you do some of your common tasks as a DBA.


If you are interested in joining Matan and myself then please feel free to register here –


In the afternoon (15:00 GMT), I shall be co-presenting another session with SQLAgentman aka Tim Ford (B|T) where we will be talking about a number of high availability techniques that you can deploy in your environments. The abstract can be found below:


Join SQL Server experts Richard Douglas and Tim Ford as they discuss the options for High Availability ahead of the SQL Server 2014 launch. Come learn which solution is best for your environment.

What you will learn

By the end of this webcast, you’ll know the pros and cons of:

  • Log shipping
  • Database mirroring
  • Clustering
  • Always on availability groups
  • Replication
  • Why you still need a disaster recover plan

Richard Douglas, Dell Software

Richard Douglas is a Systems Consultant/Technical Evangelist for Dell Software where he specializes in SQL Server, providing solutions and system health checks.

Tim Ford, SQL PASS Board of Director

Tim Ford is the Founder, Cruise Director, and Lead Presenter aboard the SQL Cruise. He is also the Co-Author of “Performance Tuning with Dynamic Management Views”.

Follow Tim Ford on Twitter @SQLAgentman.

If you would like to attend this free educational webcast then you can register here –


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