A Good Time to Be a SQL Server Professional

Robert Pearl, 2011-09-30

Wow!  Can’t believe today is the last day of September!  Fall, here we come!  Although Summer is over, Autumn is truly an exciting and good time to be a SQL Server Professional!  So many great events coming up soon, especially the summits of all summits – PASS, the largest SQL Server and BI conference in the world, but more than that, it’s your conference – planned and presented by the SQL Server community for the SQL Server community.  If you’re lucky enough to be in attendance, you’ll get face-to-face answers and advice from community experts, MVPs, and Microsoft CSS and SQLCAT experts.

If you’ve been at PASS before, and looking for some advanced things to do, and conferences to attend, check out SQL MVP Adam Machanic’s suggestions on “Who to see and When to do it”  But, if this is your very first time attending PASS, read on for some great guidance!

What I really think this year has been a great campaign, is the push to get first-timers at PASS to fully engage with their colleagues and peers.  An enormous effort has been initiated to get first-time attendees to step-up, get involved, network, and get the most out of the summit. There is a formal first-timer’s program at PASS that is being sponsored by Confio Ignite8, and Redgate  So many folks, including our very own MVP’s, have shared their own first-time experiences and memories at PASS.  I’m certain their stories will benefit anyone who will be there, interested in their professional development and career path.  Click through on this first-timer’s program link, and you will find all the information you need to know, including:

  • A can’t-miss First-Timers Orientation and Speed Networking session for all new Summit attendees before Tuesday evening’s Welcome Reception;  

  • A Big Brother/Sister program to guide you through Summit’s ins and outs;
  • Schedule of Events to help first-timers network, navigate the conference, what to expect, tips and tricks, and more!
  • A Blog Round-Up of all the SQL Server Industry Experts & MVPs, who have share their PASS memories.
  • This is truly a noble endeavor and something that first-time attendees have no excuse to pass up!  You got the ok from the boss, the spouse (which could be one in the same ;-), and now made it all the way out to Seattle for the conference – now take advantage and maximize your experience!  It truly can be transforming, and have a positive effect on your career and success for the rest of your life!  A brief encounter can change your life! 

    Speaking of brief encounters of the first-time (yes, an intentional play on words :-), Long-time contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine, Brian Moran, also Chief Servant Officer and co-owner of Linchpin People, had a terrific piece on how “Brief Encounters Can Positively Impact Your Career“.  Brian asks the question, “Can PASS Summit change your life?”  To answer, he brings us a tale of two MVP’s who had the chance encounter with a dynamic individual and sql server stalwart of the community, who had since passed.  For that article, click on the above-entitled hyperlink.  The point I want to make here, is that these gentlemen are now themselves successful rockstars of the sql community.  They are Andy Leonard (blog|twitter) and Thomas LaRock (blog|twitter ).

    Coming up in NYC, about one month after PASS, on November 12, 2011, is SQLInspire, and we will have both the aforementioned aces, Andy and Tom, on-hand to share their insight and experiences with you.  As the theme weaved into this event, it will be a collection of inspirational and motivational talks on technology and professional development from those who are SQL Server professionals and experts who have been there, done that. 

    We ran a promotion recently, that challenged me to fill 20 registrations to the event for FREE! I am happy to say that in fact, the SQL Community has come through for me!  We filled those openings over a single weekend!!  And, yes, we will be raffling off that nice shrink-wrapped Visual Studio 10, courtesy of SQL MVP and author, Michael Coles, (blog) aka Sergeant_SQL on Twitter.  Thanks, Mike! (hehe)

    If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, you DON’T want to miss this unique opportunity to hear their tales, and have your brief encounter!  But, you have to REGISTER NOW, because seating is limited!  Tickets are going fast!





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