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2012 in review !


Year 2012 was super special for me in many ways. Made lot of new friends, Attended SQLPASS Summit 2012 and had the privilege to meet and greet #SQLfamily members, New learnings, Multiple SQL2012 deployments, Lot of writing and Loads of fun !!!

All about resolutions -

One of the major resolutions for me in 2012 was to explore Virtualization more and move away from standard perception that “All Production environments should be deployed on physical hardware”. By the growing capabilities of virtual infrastructure the move to the virtual world was pretty much an easy one and I’m loving this change.

Attending SQLPASS Summit 2012 -

Dream come true event for me. My 3 key takeaways of PASS Summit was

New friends, Learning & Fun

Sharing and getting involved with SQL community -

I learned a lot by trying to help and answer questions via forums, twitter tags etc. This is a wonderful platform to get engaged and solve real-time issues.

Started sharing my thoughts on SQLServer via a much bigger platform,all my notes are available under

Here is a quick overview of SQLSailor for 2012 -

Click here to see the complete report.

Overall year 2012 was a great one and I’m looking for a wonderful 2013.

Thanks for reading and wishing every a Happy and Prosperous New Year !


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