2010 PASS Summit Interviews

Jen McCown, 2010-12-30

It’s entirely fair to say that the highlight of my professional year is the PASS Summit in Seattle, and the highlight of the Summit is the recorded interviews we do each year (starting in 2009).

The way we pick interviews is, we say “Who do we like, and/or is really cool, and/or would like to meet, and/or needs to be more publicized to the SQL community because they’re so awesome?” And then we have to whittle this very extensive list way, way down to fit our time constraints for that week.

Here are the people that (a) we couldn’t live without talking to at the Summit in 2010, and (b) had time for us.

All of these, plus our regular weekly DBAs at Midnight shows, are on MidnightDBA.com (see also Season 1).

Adam Machanic Has Soft Hands

  • Date:  12/13/2010 
  • Length:  47:45 
  • Size:  131,731 KB 
  • Sean: We love talking to Adam. He’s such a cool dude and it just so happens that he really knows his stuff too. I had a hard time compiling this vid because something corrupted it toward the end, but I can still give you 47mins of it.
  • Jen: Pre-lost voice. Truly excellent talk that includes when NOT to use CLR, Adam’s worst on-the-job screwup, the awesomeness of SQLBlog.com, how to get swag at conferences, and oh so much more. Adam also announces (what is now old news) the changes to the MCM program, which he taught. Yeah, he’s kind of a big deal.  Check out his site, BostonSQLTraining.com, which offers masters level courses for MCM.

Steve Jones in the House!!

  • Date:  11/17/2010 
  • Length:  1:08:00 
  • Size:  1,052,920 KB 
  • Sean: We hooked up with Steve Jones of SQLServerCentral.com in an empty ballroom we hijacked the night before PASS. He’s so laid back we decided to stay a cuddle for a while after filming.
  • Jen: This was before I lost my voice…

The Mark Souza Sandwich

  • Date:  11/17/2010 
  • Length:  48:10 
  • Size:  491,295 KB 
  • Sean: If you don’t know Mark Souza, you should. He’s one of the coolest guys we know and one of the smartest guys other than myself you’ll ever meet. Mark is the head and the founder of the SQL CAT team at MS. Come see what we were able to get out of him.

Denny ‘Five Fingers’ Cherry

  • Date:  11/17/2010 
  • Length:  28:31 Size:  491,920 KB 
  • Sean: Denny is one of our best friends at PASS. We were all so tired that we cut the talk short and meant to get back to it but we never did. Before we left though we did manage to talk about some of the new features announced by MS at the keynote.
  • Jen: Kilt day! Guest appearance by SQLChicken’s chicken.

Grant Fritchey is our Hero

  • Date:  11/17/2010 
  • Length:  55:18 Size:  516,852 KB 
  • Sean: What can we say about Grant that isn’t already in the police report? He’s just an interesting guy. Come see us discuss query tuning and Kenpo with Grant.

Don Gill

To be published…

Bonus DBAs at Midnight episode “Merkin Glue” at SQLPASS, with Nic Cain

  • Date:  11/22/2010 
  • Length:  1:04:58 
  • Size:  584,053 KB 
  • Sean: This is our show at the end of PASS 2010 and we have Nic Cain in our hotel room. Come have a look while things degenerate into our usual childish antics.

Double bonus: The Interviews from 2009:

Happy days!

Jen McCown





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