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2009 PASS Conference Side Quests


Barring any unforeseen issues like sudden death, I'll attend this year's 2009 PASS conference in Seattle. I'll arrive Sunday the 1st and leave Sunday the 8th. Of course, my main quest is to participate at the conference. During conference hours I'll be completely dedicated to gathering knowledge and getting questions answered.

Outside of conference hours, and including Friday or Saturday, I'm planning some "side quests" for adventure, entertainment and so forth. Are you with me?

Pollstar lists some live music events going on. Now Wednesday has got Billy Joel and Elton John in town at the Seattle Center Key Arena. I'd listen to their tracks, but I can't get into a concert in an arena. Can't do it. I prefer a much smaller venue.

What's a good show in a smaller venue? Showbox has got some interesting shows. Skinny Puppy is playing Wednesday. That's not my style though.

Friday has got Southern Culture on the Skids at the Tractor Tavern. That could prove entertaining. But there's something better going on Friday night.

Ghostland Observatory is playing Friday night in Seattle at the Showbox SoDo building. (Showbox has two buildings. One on Market Street and then the SoDo building - also nearby.) Small venue, great show! I'm there. Who'se with me?

About Ghostland Observatory. They're from Austin - and got Austin band of the year honors. I saw them as they swung through Atlanta this year. Fantastic - and with incredible laser lights! Have a listen here. They're officially my favorite new band of 2009.

I wouldn't mind some culture. So let's see what's going on there. Pacific Northwest Ballet is performing during the conference week. It's a director's choice mix of pieces. Could be interesting.

Let's see - what else. Whoa. John Cleese (you know - of Monty Python) is in town Tuesday at the Moore Theater! I'll give that one some serious thought. I'm not completely made out of money, you know.

The Seattle Symphony has got an odd Thursday line-up. Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto (which is great!) the first half and Flamenco the second half. Hmm. I'll have to think about that one.

I may forego the Symphony Thursday. I can still pick up that Tchaikovsky concerto on Saturday with some Ray Charles thrown in. Thursday is a lucky day because as the first Thursday of the month, Seattle has an art walk going on downtown till 8 PM. Super! Art walks are great fun. Right after PASS is done on Thurday, I'm out for the art walk.

A double-stack for Thursday night starting at 9PM at the Tractor is some indie rock bands.

The Seattle Art Museum has got a Michaelangelo exhibit going on. I'll definitely have to fit that in somewhere. Maybe Monday or Friday morning.

There's comedy going on Wednesday night at Chop Suey (not a restaurant. It's a music venue).

Oh - but here's something stellar for Wednesday night. The Last Supper Club as a Wednesday night XBOX Battle of the Bands competition! Maybe I can put together a band with my fellow PASS attendees and go rip it on the XBOX!

Another maybe is on Saturday. On The Boards has a modern dance concert Thursday through Saturday - and that could fill in Saturday, maybe.

Also, I might go rummaging at some local used bookstores for an elusive favorite by Joseph Conrad or Marianne Moore. That's how I roll. What can I say.

To wrap it up, here's my tentative side-quest calendar:

  • Monday: Seattle Art Museum.
  • Tuesday: John Cleese.
  • Wednesday: XBOX Battle of the Bands at Last Supper Club, or Pacific Northwest Ballet.
  • Thursday: Seattle Art Walk and then indie rock at Chop Suey.
  • Friday: Ghostland Observatory at Showbox SoDo.
  • Saturday: Used books, modern dance at On The Boards.

If you think I'm missing something, then please - make a comment and fill me in. I'd hate to kick myself later for missing a stellar side quest.

The ones in bold are definites. You'll have to let me know if you'll be at any of these. Also, I'll be twittering as sqlfave.

See you at the conference!





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