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1199 Data Professionals and you


The second incarnation of 2013 “SQL Relay” is bigger and better than ever. We have taken on board all of your feedback from June and included an extra two venues in a venture that we have named “SQL Relay 2013 R2”. These extra two venues will bring up our total capacity to a massive 1,200 data professionals!

What is SQL Relay?

SQL Relay is a series of SQL Server events run across the UK by the community for the community. Each event is free to attend thanks to the continued support of our sponsors, especially Microsoft who are once again our Platinum sponsor. This time we will be running 10 events over 10 days, although not consecutively, the theme will be SQL Server 2014.

We realise that data professionals in this day and age also need to know more than just the core internals of SQL Server so this time we are introducing a new cloud track into some of our events. Check the website for more information on which venues will be hosting multiple tracks this year.


Where and when can I attend SQL Relay?

A good question, I’m glad you asked! As I mentioned before, this time around we are expanding yet again and moving up to 10 events. The dates and locations are listed below:

11th November 2013Reading
12th November 2013Southampton
13th November 2013Cardiff
14th November 2013Birmingham
15th November 2013Hertfordshire
25th November 2013Newcastle
26th November 2013Manchester
27th November 2013Norwich
28th November 2013Bristol
29th November 2013London


Registrations for all events are being taken through the SQL Relay website at


Who will be speaking?

We already have a large number of our speakers confirmed including a number of Microsoft Certified Master’s, MVP’s as well as Microsoft staff and other industry experts. A number of the sessions will have a 2014 theme providing you with an excellent opportunity to keep up to date with all the latest technology that Microsoft is building into their SQL Server product.

We do still have some available spaces so if you would like to be considered for a speaking slot then please contact the speaker liaison ( with a list of sessions that you would be willing to present and the dates that you would be available.


How you can help

Be a SQL Relay brand advocate

Marketing for events can be tough. Telling everyone you know is the easy part, expanding out to reach others is where the hard work begins. What if there were a way that we could tell everyone we knew about the event and then they told other people they knew by some simple mass communication method? Oh hang on there is! Steph Locke has done a great job of transforming the social media accounts we already had into a well oiled marketing machine and we’re already seeing the benefits.

If you could follow us on one of the social media channels below and share with your friends by retweeting, Liking or using +1 then we can break down that barrier and attract a wider audience. Not only that but you will be completely up to date with all the latest news.


Be a volunteer

Physically running an event can be demanding, there is always a lot to do on the day. Can you make a difference? If you would like to volunteer to help out on the day, possibly before. Then please use my contact me form stating which event(s) you can volunteer at and I will pass your details on to the relevant event lead.


Become a sponsor

SQL Relay is now a mature event attracting data professionals from all around the UK due to it’s unique structure. With a capacity for 1,200 data professionals and a range of job roles SQL Relay can put you in direct contact with technical influencers and decision makers that can help you to expand your business. If you would like to find out more details about sponsoring opportunities then please contact the sponsors liaison via email (


What’s next?

SQL Relay is run and organised by the same people that bring you the UK SQL Server user groups and PASS Chapters. If you like the event why not support your local user group by becoming a regular attendee? Details of all UK events can be found over at, I also create a monthly summary of what is happening  in the coming month. You can see what events are on this month here.


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