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How Log reader works- replication

Just saw the the answer by michael Hotek for how log reader works on replication: looks very great: Michael Hotek...


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Hi,Just want to share info about replication script which i generally use. this is good for sql server 2000 Transaction...


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Data Type Synonyms

Today on sql server central QOD. very interesting question on Data Type Synonyms...
We can use the synonyms data type also...


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Reading another great book ( I know its old but good book)...Inside Microsoft sql server 2005: T-SQL Itzik Ben - Gan.


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Updating dbatools–Fixing the Certificate Failure


I was trying to update my dbatools install to test something and go this...

Classifications and sensitivity labels in Microsoft Purview


I see a lot of confusion on how classifications and sensitivity labels work in...

PASS Data Community Summit: A Personal Journey


As someone attending the event since 2011, I would like to share my personal...

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Since AWS RDS MSSQL does not support logon trigger, is there any alternative way...

How to get a distinct value from my data set

By skaggs.andrew

Hi, I need help with writing a script that will allow me to pull...

How To Approach Adding A primary Key To An Existing Table

By YSLGuru

In our vendor created/managed DB we have a table that is like an audit...

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