Steve Jones

A Grain of Salt

At a recent seminar, Steve Jones heard a quote that really struck home. Especially in the computer business. Read on about a look at a DBAs take on listening to what you hear and being a little cautious in how you interpret it.


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The DBA Code of Ethics

What code governs how a DBA acts? What is the framework for DBA ethics? There have been numerous articles on what the DBA job entails, the daily tasks and responsibilities. This article looks at the larger picture of principles which a DBA can use..


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Make Database Code Reusable in SQL Source Control with Deployment Filters


When I first began working with databases, I was lucky to land a job...

Switching between different Azure Data Factory environments


When working with Azure Data Factory, it’s possible you have multiple ADF environments. For...

Adjusting pod eviction time in Kubernetes


One of the best features of Kubernetes is the built-in high availability. When a...

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