Srini Kolar


Speaking about Latches & Spinlocks at the EightKB Online Conference


(Be sure to checkout the FREE SQLpassion Performance Tuning Training Plan - you get...

SQL server Linux and SQLCMD


Following on from a previous blog post ( on installing SQL Linux, a common...

Azure Platform Series: cloudshell code -your (brilliant) online editor


This post is about code which is an online editor you can use with...

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Backup to AWS S3

By bmenate

We backup over the weekend our full backups to a backup server with a...

ispac file association broken


I updated my visual studio 2019 recently, and when I try to double click...

Assigning user to Azure Active Directory enterprise application via python SDK

By navyasri

I have added slack to Azure Active Directory Enterprise application and running SSO. I...

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