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About those Read-Only Replicas

In a post, I wrote last month I showed how you can take advantage of your replicas in SQL Sever by adding a single attribute to your connection string...

2023-11-13 (first published: )

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A First Look at Redgate’s Subsetter


I have been a proponent of subsetting databases in dev/test for a long time....

Azure SQL MI License free?


A common setup when leveraging the cloud is to use the cloud for Disaster...

Foreign Keys in SQL Data Generator


A customer recently asked about using FKs in SQL Data Generator, and I decided...

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Addressing Dynamic Programming Challenges in SQL Queries

By Piyushbhatt

Dear SQL and Dynamic Programming Experts, I'm currently grappling with a complex problem that...

how to remove trailing zeros?

By water490

I have this calculation I have in a script: ROUND(T3.NUM_POINTS * 1.0 / T4.TOTAL_RECORDS...

Deciphering Data Architectures

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Query Execution Modes

What are the two distinct processing modes that the SQL Server Database Engine can use to process T-SQL statements?

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