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Beware the REPLACE function when doing heavy string parsing

I found something interesting the other day. I was attempting to optimize a very heavy string parsing routine using T-SQL and was having problems. I don’t normally use T-SQL for such heavy string parsing, but this was a special case of a legacy structure that I had to work with, so I had no choice.

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To Date or Not To Date….

OK….so I’m in the middle of a very interesting Effective Dating project…basically we’re dealing with some tables that only store current data, but there is a need for future-dated data as well. Because the base table can’t hold that data...

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What's a DBA

Most of us are tired of this overused, vague term. How many of you have clicked on a 'DBA' job posting only to find that it's not what you do? Or asked for a DBA resume from a recruiter and gotten something other than what you expected? Or...

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Creating an Empty Repo in GitHub–#SQLNewBlogger


I saw someone struggling with getting started with a Visual Studio project and Azure...

Product Review: DataVeil


If you’re looking at data masking tools, I recently was able to review the...

The Last Price Bump for the Data Community Summit


This week the cost of the PASS Data Community Summit jumps up to full...

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