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Check Full Recovery DBs Have Tran Log Backups

A quick procedure to check which full recovery databases have not had a tran log backup in the given period (default is 7 days). This could mean that the recovery mode might need changing or the transaction log backup jobs need investigating.

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2011-09-22 (first published: )

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sp_displaylogin - sybase style

this procedure takes a sql login name and returns information about the login.anyone who knows Sybase will recognise the name and layout. use :- exec sp_displaylogin 'loginname' to get login information returned.this procedure has been tested on SQL Server 2005 sp2any problems email pgr_consulting @

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2007-11-09 (first published: )

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Collation Checker

this a quick sproc I put together to do various collation checks. databases that have different collations from serverdatabases that have different collations of columns withindatabases that have column collations different from database collation

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2007-11-06 (first published: )

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proc to order xp_enumerrorlog

this is a quick stored procedure I put together when trying to find a log for a particular day (xp_enumerrorlogs returns the archive is as a varchar, so 1 is followed by 11, 12 etc rather than 2) sp_display_errorlogs with no parms returns output in archive id order. if the parm 'size' is passed in, […]

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